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Consultation/Pest Management

Trees need to be healthy to thrive here in San Diego.  With the lack of recent consistent rainfall in San Diego, it is very important to monitor the health of your trees as these weather conditions can bring stress upon trees, thus weakening them and making them susceptible to a variety diseases – like fire blight and leaf curl. Insect infestations can also cause further damage to trees – like borers, psyllids and white flies.  Proper identification and diagnosis is necessary in order to recommend a treatment program.

When it comes to the health of your trees, being proactive is the best solution. Bowman Plant and Tree Care Specialists can provide regular inspections of your trees to insure that they are healthy – taking preventative measures to insure that they stay healthy.

Healthy trees have root structures similar to their branch canopy. Deep Root Feeding & Fertilization promote healthy root structures.

Some of the issues that we inspect/look at are listed below (and the service we provide to counteract the issue/problem):

  • Soil Compaction – Aeration & Deep Root Feeding
  • Insects – To Prevent Infestation
  • Diseases – Fertilizing & Deep Root Feeding

It is important to pay particular attention to your trees in these times of drought.  If you notice any issues with your trees please give Bowman Plant and Tree Care Specialists a call.  Being proactive can often times save trees’ lives – and the many benefits that they provide for your home.

Be proactive, call Bowman Plant and Tree Care Specialists today – one of our arborists can design a treatment/preventative program specific to the trees on your property.

We also offer professional inspection services and written estimates. So when you need professional tree services, give us a call, request a quote on line, or drop us an email. We can do the job! We look forward to serving you by meeting all of your tree needs.

Now providing 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service – Call 858.499.9417

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